DR. MEENAKSHI SINGH is the former scientist of National Botanical Research Institute, CSIR,Lucknow Scientist & Owner of Mimansha Herbal, which is a non-government organization created in 2009 based on Lucknow under her able guidance. She has 21 years experience in the field of “Herbal Technology”. Dr. Meenakshi has been a meritorious student and recipient of many honors including the Prof. K.S. Bilgrami Gold Medal in the year 2005 as Young Scientist category, awarded by Governor of Uttar Pradesh in year 2003 for best Ph.D. Scholar (Gold medal). She also represented India in world conference of Bryologist in year 2002 and was awarded as “Best Researcher”.

Dr. Meenakshi has more than 42 scientific publications in international and national journals and attended over 50 International and National Conference. The main focus of her research over the last few years has been concentrated on finding bioactive molecules from the plant kingdom, which included the lower plants like algae, lichens, bryophytes, pteridophytes, gymnosperms to higher plants as well. She has also developed more than 150 Research-based Validated Ayurvedic Products.  Apart from being the reviewer in some major journals like Pharmaceutical biology, Journal of Ethnopharmacology and Songklanakarin journal of Science and Technology. Natural product radiance, Indian journal of experimental biology, She has also trained trainees from Sweden, Switzerland, Saudi Arab, Germany, Italy, USA, Singapore and many other countries at NBRI, Lucknow.

She is a Life member of many scientific bodies and Associations around the world Like IAB Canada, ICBCP Japan and Ethanopharmacology.

She represents India and play the lead role in the specialty at the National and International level to Developed New Antimicrobial Agents from Lower groups of in the field of Herbal Antibiotics.

Dr. Meenakshi received ‘All Natural’ Excellence Awards-2014 Panacea Naturals, Mumbai after critical examination of 130 nominations by both our Indian and International panel of judges. She is also dedicated in spreading the benefits of Moringa in removal of mal-nutrition throughout the world (Special focus in mal-nourished cities in India). Her goal is to make products of all the parts of the tree for the widest variety of health benefits. These products can improve your life without any side-effects of chemicals, preservatives, additives and fillers.

In her team she has the best scientists, biochemists, botanists, pharmacologists and product formulators, and she also assembled an impressive executive team to help spread the Matrika message and empower our Independent Distributors in every way possible. She chose Mr. Prakash Murarka to lead the company, with the goal of rapid and sustainable growth at the top of both of their minds. He holds experience over 20 years in the field of marketing. He holds the credit to introduce many products of several brands in the state.